Goings-ons: My recent publications, etc.

Publications have been ongoing the past half year or so. This post will catch you up on which poems and drawings have made it out into the world – linked so you can take a look.


Neon Door is a new site that provides an immersive literary/art experience. Launched in January 2022, exploring their Exhibit: Nudity is a treat. There you’ll find three of my drawings with artist statements: “A Trip,” “What’s in the Grave,” and “Where Dreams Meet Reality.” The drawings are a part of a series that I call Figures of the Forgotten.

View it here


Bourgeon, the online literary magazine of DC-based organization Day Eight, published two more of my poems with accompanying photo in March: “Crossing the Circle” and “Etched.”

View it here


Cajun Mutt Press routinely features artists online and published one of my poems, “PTSD,” on May 4th.

View it here


The Firefly Review is an online literary magazine and featured three of my poems in its March Issue 03: “At That Point,” “Walk It Off,” and “Help.”

View it here


Another New Calligraphy publishes an online journal called Impossible Task. Five of my poems were featured in the April publication: “Cause and Effect,” “Love of Hate,” “just a body,” “No Say,” and “Bleeding Hearts.”

View it here


An anthology of tree poems, The “Whispering Willow” Anthology, was published in June to raise funds for the Arbor Day Foundation, which this year celebrated its 150th anniversary. The publisher took one of my poems for the anthology, “The Crabapple,” and it is available for purchase on Amazon.

View it here


The Closed Eye Open, which publishes an online journal, included one of my poems, “On Being Watched by Birds,” in Issue VII published in June.

View it here


To wrap up Pride Month, three of my poems were included in a new anthology by The Red Penguin Collection titled “Proud to Be–A Pride Poetry Collection.” Now available for purchase, the anthology includes my poems “No Say,” “Bleeding Hearts,” and “Chaos in the Cosmos.”


Some other exciting news: I was selected as a finalist for the 2022 DC Poet Project and was able to read in their culminating event on June 11th. There was a great turnout for the in-person event and it was quite an honor to be able to share my poetry and get such a positive response from so many.

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