Dead End

Life’s routine is like a straightaway on a country road
On and on, beyond our sight, it continues
and sometimes looking down that road makes you wonder
if it will ever end
Most of the time you just keep driving
I just keep driving
just keep driving
But at some point, one of us will get brave
decide to open the door and jump
whether that means suicide or liberation
– both.
It will be at a crossroads
where the devil
with a smile on his face
waves his red flag to those he deems worthy
One of us will open the car door
fly free
prove him correct in his assumption
And one of us
will drive on
always looking back
in the rear-view
until the road ends
– dead.
Then is when the realization will come
that we missed a sign way back in the beginning
back when we first turned down this road


Originally published by Raven’s Quoth Press, July 2022

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