On Fiction

Why does anyone write fiction? It is because they want to be their main character. They want to see their own reflection in the endless conflict. They want their fiction to be non-fiction, at least to some extent. And when they choose to admit it, only hush hush, within their own heads, it is non-fiction, just with a classification that shrugs away the blame. And then instead of being labeled psychotic, insane, depressed, manic, a sociopath, they are congratulated for their absolute brilliance, for having the creative capacity to invent such a complete mind fuck.

Why does anyone write any fiction? It is because they are too terrified to admit their inspiration. It is not invention, but a masked memoir, a story that has secretly received the wrong diagnosis. But let’s be real, after all, it is just fiction! Just fiction: creative exploration beyond the realms of reality. All writers of fiction are simply creative. They need not worry because no one cares to cross the line to challenge; no one wants to dwell on the true origin of creativity, on the all-too-obvious connection between creativity and insanity.

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