No Say

Skin turns gray when it dies.
And it can die in any number of ways.
Just like you.
And when the time comes,
you’ll have no say.

They decide.

You’ll never be what is in your heart.
They decide,
so tremble.

Strings pull at your arms, legs.
Strings reach in
through both ears.
They wind their way along the crevasses
of your brain,
so tremble.

Strings stretch down
past clenched teeth,
between your left tonsil
and sensitive uvula,
down your ridged esophagus
and into your heart.

Strings weave inside your veins,
your arteries,
in both atria,
both ventricles.
Your heart beats to the pull
of these strings,
so tremble.

Your blood is taken,
drawn up, absorbed by them
these strings.
Your life blood.

You have no say.

They decide,
so tremble.

You’ll never be what is in your heart.
but, by God, be grateful.

Published September 2012
on SLiPnet – the Stellenbosch Literary Project

No, not, never

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