Chaos in the Cosmos

Something’s missing
in all this empty space
as false hope
hangs heavy
in this so-called ordered universe.

Like so many
the parts of me
can’t quite
click into place.

Can’t. Won’t.

I am the lid
to a broken box
sitting askew
lamenting the fact
that I don’t fit
that I can’t keep safe
what lies within.

And you are too.

I am gears, turning
in some grinding machine, turning
turning until
that missing tooth
comes along
and then it all
comes crashing
chaos in the cosmos.

And you are too.

But it’s okay.

The cosmos is
a Barbie doll universe.
If we’re to be honest
can be so well-ordered.
If we’re to be honest
there’s more than one lost tooth
that will come along
there is no order to the timing
there is no order to the fall.
If we’re to be honest
no box in this universe
has a lid that truly fits
because that definition
is different for us all.

We sit askew
boxes broken
there is space

But it’s okay.

Celestial bodies
– bigger than us –
– lifetimes longer than ours –
in their orbital dance
feel the pull
and the push
of billions of years
and there is so much space
for so much chaos
so just let go.

Just let go.

Time now to simply be
enraptured by the entropy.


Originally published by The Red Penguin Collection, June 2022

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