A Ring Within A Ring

Stand on the ledge of rock
and look out across the tops
of the trees that might stand
too tall for their true age.
How many rings do they have?
Throw yourself down
onto that bed of needles
warmed by the sun that shines
like it hasn’t in too many days.
See the sky and the few wisps
that bring the oblivion
of that blue back to reality
– and you
If you could see me and I, you
would you look? Would I?
What if we took notice
of what was there to not
take notice of? If you put your ear
against the ground would
you hear the mice skittering
tree to tree? Would we feel
it if one star in the night sky
went out, extinguished?
Or how about this:
If the whole world blinked
at once, would we notice?

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