Walk It Off

Day, night, twilight, dusk, dawn:
each brings its own emotion
feeding the others
adding fuel
through confusion
until the power overwhelms
so walk it off
in these mountains that could rim the world

Walk it off in these mountains
tracing the ridgelines step by step
balancing on the edges of knives
walk down those blades
walk with the pain:
the only choice
because you put yourself here
reeling in it
with doubt
with hate
with anger

But life is too full of regret
so why add your own destruction?

Why not listen to the rocks?
They’ve been sitting
in never-ending
attempting to understand
the momentary caresses
of the clouds

ask them
how to fill a lifetime
with the fleeting feeling
of fluttering wings
and wind against their cheeks

ask them
about acceptance
as the diaphanous face of daylight’s moon
fading, becomes one
with the scattered clouds
of this melancholy morning

We are only what the world makes us
so let it all in
and walk it off
in these mountains
carry on


Originally published by Bourgeon, April 2021

Re-published by Firefly Review Magazine, February 2022

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