“Fleas on the Dog” Publication

I wanted to share my recent publication with “Fleas on the Dog” – an online publishing company based in Ontario.

As they sell themselves…

“We’re just six crazy dudes and one cool fox who love the language and fall on our knees at the sound of beautiful words in all their glorious reach and transformative power. At FOTD we share that with each submission we publish, each different from the other, some miles and styles apart, but always burning…

We’re a no frills brown bag online lit rag with only one focus: GOOD WRITING. Our style is ‘HOTS!’—hands off the submissions! . . . What you won’t find are pretty pictures and fancy layouts. We like this ‘broadsheet’ deconstructionist approach—the printed page as its own aesthetic—inspired by the ‘Beat’ presses and journals because it visually footprints the individual in a way a uniform format does not.”

Check them out at https://fleasonthedog.com/ – and you can find me in Issue 7, fourth down in the poetry section. Or take a look at the pdf of my publication of 9 poems, including an intro from one of the editors, and a few words from yours truly at the bottom. Enjoy!

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