Audio Composition: Can’t Breathe

Since the sounds and spoken words surrounding us have been so powerful of late, I decided to put together an audio composition for the moment… one that reminds us that history is not a thing of the past, and in condemnation of the disgusting wielding of white privilege and power that needs to stop.

Please know that this is an intense track and includes the very disturbing audio from the videos of the murders of George Floyd and Eric Garner…

(Best to use headphones. Please note this track can also be found on the right hand side of the site.)

cant-breathe.jpeg - edited

Sound sources:
Historical and modern speeches (YouTube)
Sirens (some YouTube, some personally recorded)
Helicopters (personally recorded)
Protesters (personally recorded)
Explosions (YouTube, DC on June 1)
George Floyd’s / Eric Garner’s voices (Youtube)
Amy Cooper’s / Christian Cooper’s voices (Youtube)
Synth/drum tracks (personally created)

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