On the Road – 1 October 2017

I’ve been living the life of the nomad these past few weeks! While it’s been tiring, it has also been great fun. I certainly feel my most useful as a PCVL when interacting with other PCVs, and two plus weeks of technical assistance site visits have given me a sense of fulfillment. I was able to return to my old stomping ground of the Southern Highlands – a cool high-altitude and pine-filled wonderland of either pounds of dust whipping through the air, or foot-deep mud in which to slip and sliiiiiiiiiiiide, depending on the season… oh how I miss it…


I was able to explore Ludewa a bit – a hillier (and dustier) land further south from my previous home in Njombe. Beautiful. And I also returned home! While visiting a volunteer who lives about 13 Km from my village, we took a day to walk over to greet my old friends. It was certainly not enough time, but it was still great to be back and see familiar faces.

I saw some gutters and gardens, and all but one of the wells are working (they’re contacting the water engineers to fix the one – it’s more of an issue than just a broken rope). I gave a speech at the village meeting that was just ending as I arrived, shared meals with my best friends, and even ran a little bit with the neighbor kids – just like old times, a happy day.

During my site visits, I mostly assisted with project planning, helped prepare for and implement trainings, and was just there to see, experience, and help digest volunteer life with those volunteers living it. I must say it was motivating and impressive seeing these volunteers in action: the different ways they navigate their communities, the different projects and activities at every stage, and the different methods they all have to navigate the Peace Corps experience.

It’s good to be back home, but it was even better to get out of the office on my own for a little while to visit these volunteers. Asanteni wote. There’s nothing like a little time on the road to put things back in perspective…


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