I’m comin’ home – 29 May 2017

I am sitting here on the water at a lovely little ocean-side restaurant drinking a vanilla milkshake. Taking a dive into the safi life of Dar (the fancy life), and it is lovely to indulge every so often.

Thinking of indulging, I will be doing more of that starting in just a few short days (which will probably seem like a lifetime each). I will be returning home for the first time in about 2 years and 4 months – a trip long overdue.

Things have been going well here in Dar. I’ve really settled in, have been focusing my energy in the office on some fun projects, have run a successful regional conference, and have had some fun times with friends finishing their time here in TZ (both volunteers and some expat friends). I’ve also been meeting some cool people who are new to the area as well, and deepening friendships with others. I am definitely not missing the solo life of the village. Not yet at least…

Up on the agenda for my month of leave:
-Some solid family time
-Runnin around my home town with best friends since elementary school
-One of my best buddies from Alaska visiting for some hiking and exploration
-A camping trip in the Adirondacks with a best friend from Peace Corps and a best friend from college
-Trippin out to Portland, Oregon to see my bro and his wife at long last
-Visiting Niagara on the Lake with my mama for the arts and theater scene
-Other best friends from college visiting for a day or two
-A few nights of the Rochester International Jazz Festival with my Dad
-Some lake time with old family friends
-And in general, quality time with my parents, and the most loving fat cat there is, in the environment that shaped who I am today

Can’t wait for the adventures to come in the next month, some freeing of the spirit… And then back to it in TZ.

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