Longing for the nameless
can’t quite pin down what
not a certain smell on the air
not a certain slant of light
not even the sky beyond the stars
More so
the nameless feeling

because truth is beautiful
but so are lies
and some people willingly wear
willingly stand
in the path of a tornado
willingly bury
beneath the leaves of last year

because guilt can convince us
of all our evils
suffering exists
and all the religions
point the blame back on us
so we sin and we sin and we
and we’re all just a jumbled collage
of memory and dream
fear and desire
and pain
playing the game
of sunlight and shadow
wondering what we did
for God to make life so sad

so let us sin
and sin and sin
searching for that feeling
searching for that longing
for the nameless


Published by Fleas on the Dog, Sept 2020

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